[How to steam millet]_Millet_How to steam_How to steam

[How to steam millet]_Millet_How to steam_How to steam

Millet has a very high nutritional value. Moderate consumption can supplement indigestion, reduce bacteria, nourish yin, prevent fluid flow, nourish yin, maintain normal growth and fertility, maintain sexual function, maintain normal fat development, etc.

Steamed millet is a good way to eat it. The millet rice that comes out of the pan becomes a thick aroma that makes people covet.

First, how to steam millet 1.

Xiaomi 30 grams 2.

Wash with water 3.

Pour out the excess water, leaving only the water that has not touched the surface4.

Put in a saucepan and simmer for 1-2 hours.

Cook out of the pot 6.

Buckle out 7.

Decorate it with peas and wolfberry. The nutritional value of millet1. Indigestion has the effect of preventing pangastric stomach.

Xiaomi has the effect of nourishing yin and nourishing blood, which can recuperate the physical constitution of the women with cold and help them recover their physical strength.

Xiaomi helps against diarrhea, vomiting, indigestion and diabetes.

2. Reducing bacterial millet can also relieve bad breath and reduce the growth of bacteria in the mouth. It can also cure beriberi, neuritis and scalp disease, insomnia, headache, mental fatigue, “oily skin”, and excessive dandruff.

3. Anti-flow capacity nourishes the rich amino acids of yin millet to help prevent miscarriage, antibacterial and prevent vaginal inflammation in women.

The estrogen-like substance contained in millet can nourish yin.

4, can maintain normal growth and fertility can prevent male scrotal skin leakage, erosion, scaling and other phenomena; prevent female perineal itching, labial dermatitis and excessive leucorrhea.

Make the sexual organs and secondary sexual characteristics develop soundly; make males have hard erections, normal sperm counts, and the prostate will not enlarge; make women’s menstruation and sexual desire normal; increase their development and soundness without causing distortion and normal growth.

5. Being able to maintain sexual function is conducive to sexual desire, sperm count, mating ability, and normal reproductive function.

6, to maintain the normal development of hypertension can avoid suffering from dementia or mental retardation or delayed bone development or dwarfism.

7, freckle beauty alleviate the effects of wrinkles, pigmentation, pigmentation.